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The Origins of Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy Solutions has grown so quickly as a company, and because of this, we wanted to know how the company began! We asked company founders, Ian and Gavin, about Renewable Energy Solutions including when and why they set up RES.

“We wanted to offer more than a standard energy consultancy or brokerage.”


Tell me about Renewable Energy Solutions!
When did you start RES, and why?

“We started RES in 2020 after working in the industry for many years. We wanted to offer more than a standard energy consultancy or brokerage. We wanted to help our customers meet their own renewable goals and support them with the ability to exceed them. 


We found that with previous employers that service was simply not being met. By forming RES, it gave us the ability to do this on our terms freeing us up to help clients in a morally and upstanding way. 


It has also given us the platform to help educate and support customers to switch to renewable energy by simplifying their own sustainability journey starting with contract procurement all the way up to full renewable projects such as Solar PV, CHP Units, LED Lighting, Electronic Charging Ports and much more.”

What are your intentions with the business in the future?

“Our intentions are to keep growing RES in an adaptable way. We will continue all the fantastic projects we are working on with our clients and partners. 


As always, we will make sure to stay open and honest with our customers and keep conversations two-way to make sure we continue to support and provide what’s best for them. I believe that is the key to our success and will continue in the future to make sure that our clients, employees, and partners can trust us. 


Over the next 12 months we have a lot of very exciting projects we are working on so keep an eye on our social feeds for more details in the future.”

How can we help you?

We can save your business time and money with our expert knowledge of the energy industry. We can help you with energy management, strategy, procurement, metering & siteworks and property management services.

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