Energy Strategy

Energy strategy should not solely be a price-based decision but rather an opportunity to set out your organisation’s goals and objectives for cost reduction, sustainability, and efficiency. We know how challenging it can be to curate and implement an effective business energy strategy alone. 


Here at RES, our Energy Consultants are committed to working collaboratively with your business, regardless of size, to help you have an effective business energy strategy in place.

The Right Purchasing Strategy

Whether a fixed, midi-flex or full flexible strategy is adopted, it is important to have a dynamic approach. By this, we mean fixing contracts when market movements present opportunities rather than delaying until you come to the end of a fixed period contract in the unlikely chance that the markets will be favourable.


Long-term fixed sales agreements may be an area that your organisation is familiar with. The same principle applies to energy - contracts with fixed prices are preferred as they lessen the likelihood that your energy price will rise and prevents rises in non-commodity charges.


It is vital that you are purchasing energy at the current market cost if you want your energy-intensive firm to compete on pricing. Therefore, a flexible contract that keeps track on the market may be useful depending on your company's demands. Though some may think this is a higher risk, it may be advantageous during favourable market conditions. 

Your Optimum Energy Strategy

You can manage your energy expenditure, take advantage of possibilities to save, or even increase revenue by optimising your energy strategy for your organisation. The most time-consuming aspect of energy management is constructing a reliable energy strategy that works for your business; this can be complicated, particularly if you don’t have in-house energy expertise. That’s where we can help – our experience in the energy industry, along with the tools we use daily, aids us in making informed recommendations on the optimal strategy for your business’s needs.

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