Metering and Siteworks

We know that setting up sub-meters, new meter connections, and utility siteworks can be complicated and time-consuming tasks. Our team aim to offer you a straightforward, quick, and effective service for gas, electricity, and water metering/connections.



Our dedicated team will handle everything from the energy supply contract itself to the installation of pipework and meters. We work with a wide range of organisations, including developers, landlords, consultants, and end users of the service. We have established excellent working relationships with our supplier network, which enables us to identify the most suitable and competitively priced supplier for any siteworks or metering services.



Trust us to have the expertise in intricate metering and siteworks procedures – our team is capable of managing any size project, from a single supply to several services. 

Sub-Metering Compliance

From 2016 onward, all metres must be MID compliant in order to recharge tenants. The tenant now has the option to forego any payments if the present metres are not compliant. Allow us to identify which sites need your attention and provide you with options to prevent any non-compliance.

Siteworks & Groundworks​

As a result of our leading connections, we aim to provide a lower-cost service (when compared to what a local network provider would charge), oversee the work being done, and make sure that onsite work is not disrupted or delayed.

New Connections & Meter Installs​

Our team can help you select a suitable meter for your organisation and manage the installation procedure. After site construction is complete, installing metres may often be a lengthy process that is mostly due to a lack of accurate information between the supplier, metre provider, and the site. By engaging directly with the supplier, acquiring the relevant information, and delivering it to you, we aim to end the back-and-forth contact.

Sub-Meter AMR Updates​

By switching to the newest Automated Meter Reading (AMR) metre, you might end up reducing your operational costs. Smart metres have the capacity to acquire readings automatically and transmit them to the data collector. In order to give more accurate energy bills and eliminate billing difficulties, this is frequently utilised for non-half-hourly metres.

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