Dispute Resolution Procedure

Company Registration Number: 13787104

UIA Membership Number: 1899

Company Name: BSG Utilities Limited


At BSG Utilities, we will always do what we reasonably can to ensure that you are completely satisfied but we understand that problems may occasionally arise. To ensure any disputes are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction, we have produced the following dispute resolution procedure.


First step:

Contact our Dispute Resolution Team on 02031466391 to provide us with the opportunity to resolve it. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or write to:

Dispute Resolution Team

BSG Utilities Limited

Royal Quays Business Centre

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE29 6DE.


What we’ll do:

We will attempt to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible. We will acknowledge the dispute within 2 working days.  We will provide information on the next steps which will include a full investigation into the issue raised and an apology for the inconvenience caused. We endeavour to do this within 3 weeks.


Second step:

In the unlikely event that our Dispute Resolution Team have been unable to resolve the dispute within 3 weeks, or you remain unsatisfied, you can request that the dispute be referred to the Head of Customer Service and request that they contact you by email, post or telephone.

Alternatively, you can email [email protected] marking your email for the attention Head of Customer Service or write to:

Head of Customer Service

BSG Utilities Limited

Royal Quays Business Centre

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE29 6DE.


What we’ll do:

We’ll carry out a review of all the actions we have taken and all correspondence between us. We’ll work with you to resolve your complaint and keep you informed through to resolution.  We expect to do this within 2 weeks.


Third step:

If you’ve followed steps 1 and 2 and remain unhappy, or we haven’t been able to resolve the dispute, the Head of Customer Service will refer the dispute to our Managing Director for review.

Our Managing Director will investigate how we’ve handled the dispute, what advice we’ve given you and what we’ve offered to do, to see if we should do anything differently. We will let you know the outcome of the decision and the reasons for our decision. If you are not satisfied with our final decision, you’ll then receive a “Deadlock letter” explaining our final position and providing the contact details for the Utilities Intermediaries Association which you can contact in the event that you are not satisfied with the outcome we have provided. We aim to do this within 4-6 weeks.


If you’re still unsatisfied after we’ve completed our review and investigation, or we are not able to resolve the dispute, you can ask Utilities Intermediaries Association to help. Utilities Intermediaries Association is an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme; this is a service for consumers and is an impartial party. You can visit www.uia.org.uk to find out more or contact them using the below details:


Post: Utilities Intermediaries Association P.O. Box 355, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 9ED

Phone: 01580879777

Email: [email protected] marked in subject header COMPLAINT.

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