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The Top Reasons Why You Don’t Cycle To Work

This blog debunks the reasons why you can't cycle to work, providing solutions to your cycle worries, and promotes sustainability.

We all want to spend more time outside and lessen our environmental impact, so why not cycle to work? It’s the ideal solution!


Cyclescheme and Love to Ride have collaborated to encourage more people to ride to work, and they’ve made it enjoyable by including challenges with friends.


We do, however, recognise that riding to work is easier said than done! There are several reasons why you may believe you cannot cycle to work…


We’re coming to debunk them! 


I Can't Ride My Bike Because...

1. The Weather

Many of us like going outside when the weather is nice, but it can be difficult to go out when it is pouring rain or too hot.


However, cycling in the heat creates your own cooling breeze. And if it’s raining, wear a waterproof coat to keep your clothing dry. Mudguards are also a wonderful method to protect your clothes and baggage from dirt on the floor!

I Can't Ride My Bike Because...

2. I Lack Confidence

Don’t worry if you’re scared about riding to work; there are plenty of methods to boost your confidence. Before riding all the way to work, take some shorter rides to ensure you’re comfortable on the roadways. You can also rehearse the route at a less busy time to become acquainted with any areas that may be problematic for you.


Love to ride recommends starting on a quieter street, avoiding the pavement, not hugging the curb, and riding in the centre of the lane if there are any barriers in the road. Furthermore, you should practise the skills required for safe cycling, such as scanning and signalling, so that you feel secure on the road.

I Can't Ride My Bike Because...

3. My Tyres are Flat/My Bike is Broken

A flat tyre may appear intimidating to a beginner cyclist, but it is simple to repair yourself by viewing tutorials on the love to ride website. If you don’t feel comfortable repairing your bike yourself, take it to a bike shop and they will do it for you. Other problems can be fixed by you, a family member, or a bike shop. There may be sites that provide these services close or related to your workplace.


The Cobalt Bike Hub is held on the first Wednesday of each month at Cobalt Business Park. Cobalt Business Park is a member of the Cycle to Work Plan, which means you may use the scheme to purchase your next bike with up to 40% off!

I Can't Ride My Bike Because...

4. I Don't Have a Bike

Purchasing a bike might be daunting, but you don’t have to do it blindly. You should consider what you want to use your bike for, how frequently you will ride it, and what you will be transporting, since these factors will influence which bike you should buy.


There are many different types of bikes available at various rates, so it is a good idea to visit several bike stores and test out different ones within your budget. For example, if you just cycle a short distance to work and back, a secondhand road bike may be ideal.

Bike shop.

I Can't Ride My Bike Because...

5. There's Nowhere Safe to Store the Bike

If you are worried about the safety of your bike, there are a few things that you can do. For example, requesting secure bike parking units from your office or investing in a heavy-duty lock or two so that your bike is safe.

I Can't Ride My Bike Because...

6. I Don't Know a Safe Route

Similarly to establishing confidence, if you don’t know a safe path, take the time to cycle around numerous routes to locate the ideal one. Remember that the safest route is not always the fastest. If you use a mapping tool, such as Google Maps, you may receive a range of routes with the time that the software suggests. If you do this a few times before you need to go to work, you will memorise the route and no longer need to use the map.

I Can't Ride My Bike Because...

7. I Don't Have Time

Nowadays life can feel busy, we all know that! So, it can seem that taking up a new hobby will take up your time. However, you need to travel to places one way or another and why not spend some time in nature and get your heart pumping. You don’t need to cycle every day. Why not start with one day a week? Then build it up once it becomes part of your routine!

I Can't Ride My Bike Because...

8. It's Too Hilly

It’s almost impossible to avoid hills when you are cycling. There are many options to make it a bit easier for yourself and avoid the hills. You can choose an alternative route, carry as little as possible, use your gears, or if you can, get an electric bike.

I Can't Ride My Bike Because...

9. It's Too Far

Riding to work isn’t the only option to fit cycling into your week; if it’s too far, cycling other routes can be an excellent way to get some exercise. The benefit of bikes (particularly foldable bikes) is that they can be used on many modes of public transportation, allowing you to pedal part of the route and take public transportation the rest. Another alternative, as previously indicated, is to get an electric bike, which will expedite and ease your travel.

Cycling is an excellent way to stay active, protect the environment, and spend time outside every day. We hope you consider riding the next time you need to make a short trip; it may become your new favourite hobby!


Love to ride participates in several challenges throughout the year, for example. Cycle September is also starting shortly, so if that’s something you’re interested in, join up now!

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