Energy Reporting
and Management

What is Energy Reporting and Management?

Energy monitoring involves the tracking and analysing of energy consumptions in various systems with the aim of optimising energy efficiency, reducing costs and where necessary minimise environmental impact. Utilisation of IoT (Internet of Things) plays a significant role in modern energy monitoring solutions, by enabling the collection of real-time date from the connected devices. There are several simple ways to increase capability of energy monitoring/reporting, such as; smart meters, energy management systems, and smart lighting.

The Benefits of Energy Reporting and Management

Reduced Energy Costs

Energy reporting often reduces energy costs by identifying areas of energy waste, benchmarking and tracking energy performance, optimising equipment efficiency, and providing data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Work Towards Net-Zero

Work towards net-zero by providing data-driven insights that identify energy consumption, track progress towards emissions reduction targets, and inform the implementation of energy-saving measures and renewable energy solutions.

Reduced Waste

Energy reporting often helps businesses reduce energy waste by providing insights into energy consumption patterns, identifying areas of inefficiency or excessive usage, and enabling targeted actions to optimise energy usage and implement energy-saving measures.

Who can implement Energy Reporting and Management?

Companies of all sizes can benefit from energy reporting. By monitoring and analysing energy consumption data, businesses can identify areas of high energy usage and implement strategies to help reduce energy waste, improve efficiency, and lower operating costs. Energy reporting can also support organisations in meeting sustainability goals and comply with regulatory requirements.

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Did You Know...

Studies have shown that businesses can achieve energy savings ranging from 5% to 20% or even more through effective energy reporting and management practices.

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