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Have You Prepared Your Business Energy For 2023?

This blog aims to help you understand the energy market, and what you should be thinking about going into 2023.

“Knowing your utility contract dates and deciding when to start looking to review is a process which can seem tedious, repetitive, and potentially the last thing on a long list of jobs to do. However, it could save you thousands…”

Understanding the energy market has never been the easiest of tasks for any business, from the type of contract or product, to the most suitable contract duration, and the best time to secure your renewals. As we are all aware, 2022 has seen market increases to boundaries which we have never seen before, and probably never expected to – this has had a detrimental impact on so many businesses throughout the UK, showing how important it is to begin now to manage and monitor your utility supply.


At Renewable Energy Solutions, we are on hand to answer any questions, conduct reviews of your current situation and provide solutions for reporting and reducing usage, alongside several projects to reduce your grid reliance.

Consider Renewable Supplies

Renewable supplies such as Solar PV is a great way to not only reduce your grid reliance but also reduce your environmental impact. As more and more businesses explore the potential for Solar PV, it is apparent just how efficient and beneficial solar panels could be for businesses. This may have once been considered minimal impact or poor return on investment, for example, issues such as large usages or small sites in which the solar system would not generate a large proportion of the energy utilised on site – this is now not the case.


With the rising cost of electricity, continually being a significant source of expenditure for all businesses alike, Solar PV now provides a great way to reduce consumption from the grid, which in hand, massively reduces the cost of the supply on a monthly and annual basis. Return on Investment relating to Solar PV is now massively reduced due to the cost of unit rates across the market, with some systems paying back within 18 months, in comparison to what once would have been 6 years.


Solar PV does not always have to be a large expenditure to install, with options such as PPA (Power Purchasing Agreement) – businesses and their potential systems may be able to benefit from the PPA option if criteria are met, such as System Size, Length of Lease or Owned property.


A PPA allows you to benefit from not having to pay for the system itself, instead, you simply pay a substantially reduced unit rate for the electricity generated (and used on-site) by the solar system, with any excess generation being controlled by the installing supplier. These PPA Agreements range from 10-25 years, the longer the agreement, the lower the unit rate.


Speak to Professionals

Speaking to professionals is something that can be of massive benefit to all business owners. At Renewable Energy Solutions, we pride ourselves on the service that we offer. On a consultative basis, we are here to help, advise and assist in any way we can. With over 40 years of collective industry experience within the senior team alone, there are not many problems or questions the team has not dealt with before.

Whether it is advice on the current market, reviewing current contracts, or just simply advice on what may be the best way to navigate the market, the team is always on hand to help. Understanding the market and the current changes is imperative to making the best decisions moving forward.

Review Your Contracts

Knowing your utility contract dates and deciding when to start looking to review is a process which can seem tedious, repetitive, and potentially the last thing on a long list of jobs to do. However, it could save you thousands.Whether your contract end date is fast approaching, or not due to expire in late 2023, there really is no harm in beginning to look at where the market is. Conducting regular reviews of your contract and receiving regular updates on the market allows you to monitor and evaluate how and what would be the best way for the business to proceed. Forward-fixing renewals are possible from as long as 12 months out with most supplies, and within that period you can also evaluate whether other supplies are cheaper and better suited for your supply.

Consider Your Usage

As the cost of gas and electricity rises, proactive thinking about how to reduce your usage is becoming more important than ever. Whether that be through conscientious process implementation to reduce usage, such as switching equipment off, switching lights off or less use of central heating/air-con when possible – or, alternatively, a more in-depth analysis through monitoring and reporting of processes in manufacturing etc – these can all prove to be of a huge benefit when it comes to the expenditure on utilities.

We can offer site surveys where applicable to assess usages and possible areas for reductions, along with a detailed report summarising findings and means to make the required changes to improve your energy efficiency or reduce your energy consumption.

We care deeply about the effects businesses are having on our environment. If we can all do a little bit together, we can make a huge difference.To discuss any of the solutions mentioned in this blog, call 0800 989 0143 or book a consultation using the button below.
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