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Why You Need A Smart Meter

This blog discusses the benefits for your business by installing smart meters (AMR).

With the ever changing energy market, we know how many different things your business has to juggle. Here at RES, we can help make your life easier when it comes to energy. We recommend that you replace your old meters with Smart Meters, also known as AMR (Automatic Meter Reading). 


There are many benefits related to installing these meters, many of which are related to saving you time and energy. Especially if you are a part of a property management company because there are many meters that need to be read every month or quarter. 

A modern home energy smart meter for tracking gas and electricity usage. Vector illustration.

There are many benefits of Smart Meters, these include:

  • Saving you time because you don’t need to collect read
  • Safer because you don’t need to get to difficult/dangerous meter locations
  • Accurate meter reads because your supplier has accurate reads and your bills wont be based on estimates
  • Saves you money because you only pay for the exact amount you use

Smart Meter Myths

There are certain myths that are associated with Smart Meters which is why many people are afraid of installing Smart Meters in their businesses.

Myth: Smart Meters are expensive to install

Truth: Installing a Smart Meter is free to your business, the supplier will cover the cost.

Myth: The Smart Meter puts my personal data at risk

Truth: The only information that the Smart Meter collects and stores is related to your energy usage and nothing else.

Myth: Smart Meters need the internet to work

Truth: Every Smart Meter has its own SIM card, and therefore uses that the transmit the data.

Myth: If I change supplier, I need to get a new Smart Meter installed.

Truth: This is true for the older AMR meters, however the new second generation Smart Meters can function with any supplier.

Smart meter placed on an interior window sill with sun light shinning through blinds

How can we help you?

It may seem daunting to install Smart Meters, especially for a Property Management Company where you have many meters! We can understand that it may seem like a big task, however we can help you at every step of the way and coordinate with the supplier.

To discuss any of the solutions mentioned in this blog, call 0800 989 0143 or book a consultation using the button below.

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