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How Your Business Can Easily Become More Environmentally Friendly

Here at RES, we understand the importance of making any change, big or small, to contribute to becoming more eco-friendly. Businesses often assume that they can only make a difference by making big and expensive changes that take a very long term – we are here to tell you about the small changes that make a big difference that can be accomplished on a daily basis. From cycle to work schemes to energy saving tips,  there are many options to reduce your carbon footprint!

Tips for becoming more environmentally friendly:

  • Steps Towards Energy Efficiency

    Small energy-saving measures such as switching off lights that are not in use, using LED lighting, using motion sensors to reduce energy consumption all have a significant impact on your carbon footprint.

  • Go paperless

    Paper accounts for around 26% of waste at landfills. Encourage the use of online storage for documents. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint but is also easier to organise, making it easier to find the documents you are looking for.

  • Recycling on site

    Establish a recycling program for your employees to follow. Make sure general waste bins and recycling bins are labelled to avoid confusion and ensure that all your employees know how to participate.

  • Green transportation

    Encourage cycle to work schemes, carpooling and public transport.

  • Green meetings

    Educate management and employees on the important of pursuing a more sustainable work life. Inform them of the massive impact that this can have on the environment. If possible, apply incentives for these modes of transportation, such as safe bike lock areas or public transport discounts.

  • Consider the future

    Where you may not be able to pursue self-generating energy options right now, that does not mean you never will. Sustainable sources of energy are developing year-by-year – keep an eye out for which ones will suit the needs of your business.

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